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To Book an Appointment
Please Text or Call 0432 118 306

To Book an Appointment, please Text or Call 0432 118 306


Vertigo refers to the sensation of spinning or whirling that occurs as a result of a disturbance in your balance (vestibular) system. The most common cause of vertigo is BPPV (Benign Paroxymal Positional Vertigo). More specifically BPPV is a condition where calcium carbonate crystals in the inner ear have become dislodged, moved and become stuck in a part of the inner ear where they are causing symptoms of dizziness.

As a trained vestibular physiotherapist I will assess your vertigo. If BPPV is confirmed, I will apply specific techniques to relocate the calcium carbonate crystals to an area in the inner ear, where dizziness is not stimulated.

Other causes may include inner ear infection, Meniere’s disease, neck and joint dysfunction, vestibular migraine and acoustic neuroma. Rarely, vertigo can be a symptom of a more serious neurological problem such as a stroke or brain haemorrhage. I will communicate very closely with your GP in the management of your vertigo and recommend further investigation should it be necessary.

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