Physiotherapy as a profession is a form of manual therapy used to assist in rapid recovery and rehabilitation from all forms of injury. I often combine physiotherapy and acupuncture to speed up tissue healing and to provide faster relief from pain.

Common condition treated are spinal pain and stiffness, headaches, migraines, arthritic condition, post-surgical management, vertigo (dizziness) and joint, muscle and tendon injuries or conditions. Women’s health issues e.g. pregnancy related symptoms, pelvic floor rehabilitation and post-partum care to name a few

I am considered a very hands-on physiotherapist, and as such I use joint mobilisation, deep tissue massage, cupping, trigger point therapy,acupuncture and much more. I provide precise, specific exercise advice and postural education to improve your strength and endurance and prevent re-injury. However, I believe you have to alleviate the painful condition before exercises can be performed correctly.