Acupuncture originated in China some 6000 years ago. It is the oldest and most widely used therapy method in the world, and continues to expand and become more accepted into Western culture and medicine.

Acupuncture treatment is a holistic therapy. The interrelationship between mind and body is considered important. Acupuncture is effective in relieving symptoms of a wide variety of conditions. More high quality studies into the effectiveness of acupuncture is needed. Research into effectiveness of acupuncture is in its relative infancy.

More Cochrane Systematic Reviews (CSRs) into the effectiveness of acupuncture will improve future conclusions on the application of acupuncture in the clinical setting.

I have a particular interest in all aspects of women’s health. Acupuncture has an established role helping to manage the symptoms of specific conditions or it supports the effectiveness of treatments (e.g. IVF) perhaps as part of a multidisciplinary approach.

For musculoskeletal conditions I usually combine manual physiotherapy techniques, cupping and sometimes moxibustion with the acupuncture, depending on the condition treated and on individual patient preferences.