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Carpentaria House, Level 1
13 Cavenagh Street, Darwin NT

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Acupuncture originated in China some 6000 years ago. It is the oldest and most widely used therapy method in the world. Acupuncture continues to expand and become more accepted into Western culture and medicine with excellent results.

Acupuncture treatment is a holistic therapy. The interrelationship between mind and body is considered important and treatment is focused on keeping you well - both physically and mentally!

Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine, that involves inserting needles into certain points on the body to bring about a therapeutic effect. The needles are very fine and are barely felt on insertion. Once the needles reach the required depth, you may feel a dull ache or a tingling sensation. After an acupuncture treatment it is common to feel relaxed or drowsy.

Other therapies used are MOXIBUSTION, which is the burning of a herb on an acupuncture point. CUPPING is a technique, where suction is applied to special cups placed on the skin, creating a vacuum. Underlying tissues are stretched resulting in muscle relaxation and increased blood flow. Cupping is especially effective for tight muscles and joint pain. Superficial bruising may occur afterwards, though this is painless. SPOONING has a similar effect as cupping and involves scraping a Chinese soup spoon along the soft tissues to release tightness and congestion. Again this may result in bruising.

From a Western view point:

  • Acupuncture stimulates mechano-receptors in the CNS, which blocks impulses from pain pathways.
  • Acupuncture causes a release of endorphins (pain relieving hormone) that blocks pain pathways. Endorphins are also released during physical exercise.
  • Acupuncture regulates blood pressure and body temperature. The endorphins released affect the autonomic functions producing relaxation and regulating blood sugar levels.
  • Acupuncture increase peripheral circulation due to stimulation of nerves, therefore decreasing inflammation and swelling.
  • Acupuncture stimulate the body’s immune defence system by increasing the number of white blood cells, antibodies, macrophages and endogens in the blood.
  • Acupuncture alters muscle tension. The mild electric current which passes between needles inserted along a meridian causes dispersion of calcium ions, which affect muscle tension.

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Carpentaria House, Cavenagh St

Alice is a Darwin-based physiotherapist, providing the benefits of acupuncture and physiotherapy to Darwin and suburbs. Alice has a particular interest in all aspects of women’s health.

As a physiotherapist Alice treats all forms of sports and spinal injuries, including joint, tendon and muscle problems, neck and back pain, arthritis, head aches and migraines.

Alice has specific training as a vestibular physiotherapist and as such she treats various cases of vertigo.



Alice Thorn is situated in the city of Darwin, servicing surrounding suburbs:

Bayview - Eaton - East Point - Fannie Bay - Hidden Valley - Larrakeyah - Ludmilla - Parap - Stuart Park - The Gardens - The Narrows - Winnellie - Woolner

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Alice Thorn Acupuncture & Physiotherapy
For an appointment please call 0432 118 306
Carpentaria House, Level 1
13 Cavenagh Street
Darwin NT 0800

Phone: 0432 118 306
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